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General Information


Information TITLE: Voice of the Forest

JAPANESE NAME: Serebii - The Meeting That Goes Beyond Time

October 11, 2002 (US)
July 7, 2001 (JP)


The movie begins in a forest with Celebi flying away from something, it appears to be a Houndoom running after it. After a few attacks from the Houndoom, a Scyther joins in the game. This time a succesfull attack but Celebi easily blocks the blow with its barrier. Houndoom uses it's Flame Thrower and Celebi instinctively uses its barrier again. But the force is too strong for Celebi to hold back and falls to a field of grass. A man comes up to it, saying to Celebi he's a hunter and picks out a device, which he throws at Celebi. Celebi dodges and flies away, Scyther and Houndoom after it.

Yukinari walks Makirds a huge fallen log with a tunnel through it. A woman is calling to him. It seems to be Yukinari's mom or sister (I'm not sure WHICH) and gives him a bread wrapped in a leaf. Yukinari gives his regards and goes in the tunnel.

Later, Yukinari is drawing a picture of three Bellossoms but something scares them off, along with some other Pokemon. Yukinari sees Celebi, then Houndoom and Scyther, and then the hunter. Yukinari runs after them and finds Houndoom and Scyther, Scyther pinning Celebi down with it's arms. Yukinari yells and tries to get to Celebi, but the Houndoom shoots a flame at him, in which Yukinari dodges. Celebi cries out and vines tangle up the two other Pokémon and Yukinari goes over to help Celebi. The hunter catches up and tells Yukinari to hand over the Celebi. Yukinari however just runs for it and stops at a shine-looking podium. Celebi cries out again and the whole forest starts to wave about, glowing blue. Yukinari wonders what's going on and a bright light engulfs them, when the light goes away, all that's left is Yukinari's sketch book.

(Intro... says it's a Pocket Monster Movie and then leaves fly by ending with a single water drop going off a leaf splashing in some water, the wave effect is used as the letter background for the word Serebii)

40 Years later...

Brock and Misty are in a port town, waiting for Ash, who is late for a boat ride. Brock sends Crobat to find Ash. Ash is, however, in a square area of the town about to fight another trainer. The trainer shows off his Croconaw and Ash uses Pikachu. The battle goes on for a while Pikachu ending shocking both the Croconaw and its trainer. Ash goes over to the trainer but Crobat comes and tells Ash to go to the boat. Ash goes over to the pier as fast as he can. Brock sees his Crobat and then Ash and him and Misty get on the boat. Ash is gets there, but is blocked by a cargo car. (the ones you see in the airport) When the car goes by, Ash notices the boat has started to go. He runs to a pier and attempts to jump to the boat. Brock tries to catch him, but misses, however another person catches Ash. They do the introductions, the person being Maki, a somewhat built tourist guide of the forest that's nearby.

Meanwhile, Bisashu pushes around the hunter from 40 years ago, asking about Celebi. Fed up with the answer, Bisashu goes outside to the hunter's collection of Pokemon. Noticing a Tyranitar, Bisashu tells his Sneasel to open the cage. Bisashu gets out a Pokeball, but it's no ordinary Pokeball, it's a Dark Ball. He tosses it at the Tyranitar, causing it to become black energy instead of red. The ball emits small purplish lightning and Bisashu throws it. The Bagirasu is somewhat different now, more evil... Bisashu orders it to destroy the hunter's home and it does without questions.

During the boat ride Ash notices Suicune, so does Pikachu and he says that he saw it, but the Suicune runs away as soon as everyone sees it. When they get to the destination, Ash calls Oak to tell him about Suicune, obviously, Oak doesn't believe it. (Tracey is in the background) Afterwards, Ash's Muk stirs up some trouble and then hangs up. Maki gives them offers them a tour and Ash aggrees. Jesse, James, and Meowth are observing them in a hang-glider pedaled-propellored thing, but Jesse stops pedaling and sends them off to the ground. They come by a waterfall, he simply sets up a two balloons that's by the sides of boat. The boat/balloon makes it's way to a treetop village and lands there. Ash and co. finds the same huge fallen log with the tunnel and tries to go in, when an old woman warns him of something. A young woman goes up to them, Brock immidiately trying to flirt with her. Her name is Miku and she is the daughter of Towa, the old woman. Miku has a striking resemblance to Towa. Miku just says about what happened a long time ago.

The forest waves around and glows blue, Pikachu knowing what it is and starts running, Ash and co. running after him. They get to the shrine and see the light, Yukinari and Celebi appearing there. Celebi flees off behind the shirne before Ash and co. figures out it was there in the first place. Ash tries to get Yukinari up but he won't. Ash decides to carry him back to the village.

When they get back, Yukinari wakes up, however his first impulse is Celebi. He intentionally pushes Ash around but Yukinari comes to his senses and asks what happened. Miku comes out and her mom. Towa immidiately knows it's Yukinari but Yukinari doesn't know it's Towa. They go to Maki's house and Towa presents Yukinari's sketchbook. Yukinari is amazed and flips through it. Although he wonders about Celebi.

Pikachu again sensing something, goes out and back behind the tunnel, Ash and Yukinari following. They come up to several fallen logs with a vine coming down. Ash and Yukinari climb it and find out a lot of Pokemon has gathered up near a hole. Ash goes up to it and finds Celebi, although he's not as stunned as he saw the other legendaries. He tries to pet Celebi but Celebi on impulse uses a pyschic attack on Ash, blowing him, Yukinari, and the Pokemon nearly off the log. Ash, angry, quickly scampers up the log to Celebi and scolds at it, Celebi uses it's "Vine whip" on Ash and Yukinari. Yukinari is telling Ash not to be so harsh to it. Ash tries to talk to it again, both fending themselves from the vines. After a few nice comments, Ash again tries to pet the Celebi, this time Celebi trusting Ash. Ash and Yukinari return to Maki's treehome and Mika tells them there's a lake that can help the Celebi since the water is pure. Ash and co. and Yukinari go on to find this lake. they encounter the three from Team Rocket, in turn they say their motto. Sonansu happens to pop out in the end and breaks the branch they were on. Ash and co. uses this to escape.

Bisashu isn't gonna give up on Celebi, he goes through the forest in a four spider-legged mech (as you will) to hunt it down. While searching for the lake, Ash just happens to run into Bisashu. Bisashu demands Celebi or... face utter destruction. Of course, everyone says no and Bisahsu releases his newly stolen Tyranitar. Bisashu orders it to attack and the Tyranitar starts using it's Hyperbeam to go on a rampage against Ash and them. Jesse and James see Bisashu's mech and decides to attack it themselves. James releases his Weezing to use Smoke Screen. However they relize it's really Bisashu and they start doing the "I'm not worthy" bow.

Along the way, Misty's knee is hurt and collapses on her knees. However this delay allows Bisashu's Sneasel and Scizor to catch up. Ash and Yukinari prepare for the battle. Yukinari gets out a old technological Pokeball. He turns a valve on it and opens it up, a Charmeleon comes out. Ash just simply throws his Pokeball containing Bayleef, leaving Yukinari somewhat surprised. Bayleef goes after the Scizor. Bayleef uses Razor Leaf but the Scizor counters with Double Team and a slam to Bayleef. Bayleef tries again but again, Bayleef gets countered. Yukinari tells Ash his Bayleef should focus on where it is. Ash tells Bayleef that and the Bayleaf settles to figure it out. Figuring the location, Bayleaf gives it Razor Leaf and the Scizor and it goes down in one blow. The Charmeleon however is having no problem with the Sneasel. It finishes it off with a quick slam to a rock.

Bisashu walks by the path Ash and co. ran by, noticing his two Pokemon tied up to a rock. He just laughs a bit and walks on. (how stupid... and the next part reminds me of Princess Monoke by scenery)

Ash and them find their way to a foggy part of the forest, where they encounter a Ursaring and a Teddiursa. Yukinari tells the crew to follow it. The Ursaring stops and a Stantler comes by. They follow the Stantler until they come to a Furret, which they follow to the lake. Yukinari takes over and walks in the water until it's waste deep and let's Celebi touch the water. Ash notices that a lot of Pokemon has gathered up. Celebi then goes in the water to where the sunlight is good. Celebi is then revitalized and flies to them, happily. Ash and Yukinari decide to follow Celebi as it goes underwater. Being human and all, Ash and Yukinari run out of air and surface, Celebi following them using its psychic powers to allow them to float. Celebi goes over to Misty and touches her knee, which heals it and she is thankful. Then the two fly around with Celebi for a while. When Ash and Yukinari went back to Brock and Misty, they decide to follow Celebi.

Celebi comes to a berry tree and picks a berry and eats it. Celebi enjoys it, so much that it dances around and the others pick a berry to eat, they too enjoy it. Ash gathers some for a later snack. After a day's work and play, the crew sets up camp in the forest. Ash wakes up in the middle of the night and spots Yukinari sketching. Ash goes over to him to see what he's drawing. It's Celebi and Pikachu sleeping, Celebi sleeping on Pikachu's shoulder. Ash talks for a while but Yukinari is somewhat disturbed and goes off somewhere, Ash following. Ash's stomach growls and he gets a little embarressed. Yukinari shares the bread he was given to Ash. (and they said it was good...) Pikachu wakes up from the voices of Ash and Yukinari talking. Pikachu goes after them and Celebi slumps down to the ground, waking it up. Celebi goes to Ash and Yukinari along with Pikachu and they find a cluster of Metapods, evolving. They gaze upon the new Butterfree and decide to climb up a tree for a better view. When they get there, the Butterfree are flying along the sunrise, releasing the sparkly powder. All of them enjoy the sight.

The next day, they go back to Mika's house. It just so happens that Bisashu runs into them and attempts to get Celebi again. However Jesse and James are there behind them with nets. Escaping is useless so they try to fight. Pikachu runs in for a Thunderbolt but a barrier deflects the bolt. Bisashu's mech uses it's trapping device and grabs Celebi within two tries! (ouch...) The claw like trap shocks Celebi into a good low stamina and Bisashu gets out his Dark Ball and... captures Celebi!

Pokémon gather around and Ash is now totally mad at Bisashu and decides to climb up one of the mech's legs and fight Bisashu for it. Ash succeeds in only getting the Dark Ball but he falls to the ground and Bisashu comes. He steps on Ash's hand while he's still down but Ash gives up on it and faints. Bisashu laughs and releases the brainwashed Celebi, which he orders it to take care of everyone. Celebi uses it's Psychic to blow Ash and co. away, then rams the gathered Pokemon with its barrier. Bisashu orders something else afterwards and Celebi starts up a huge whirlwind that gathers up leaves and branches, and even sucks up Jesse. Back at Mika's home, Mika, Miku, and Maki notice the whirlwind, they all huddle up in Maki1's boat/balloon.

Up upon the mountains, Suicune senses the danger and goes to the forest at top speed. This is the last resort...

Ash wakes up, acting like Yukinari when he woke up. The other tell him that Celebi was caught and started making a the thing Bisashu wanted.

Later, a huge floating spiked sphere of branches and leaves hovers Maki1rds the lake. The one who stands alone at the edge, Bisashu. Jesse is held captive a opening, hanging from vines. Jesse obvoiously tries a negotiation but it ends in awe. Coming up to the target point, Bisashu has the core, Celebi, change the sphere's form into a Scyther looking thing. Celebi is tided down at the center of the "head" surrounded by vines and a barrier, it seemed to have no expression on its face. (trust me, you'd probably cry at what happened to it) Maki picked up Ash and co and they head for the...monster thing. As a test fire, Bisashu orders Celebi to fire at the balloon. However everyone notices that Celebi is in there, doing whatever Bisashu says. A orb or purple energy forms up at the mouth of the monster and then fires, blowing off only one of the two balloons on Maki1's boat, sending it to the lake. Celebi fires another beam, but misses and hits the lake, causing the water to go impure. Celebi then controls the monster to go to the lake. Ash and Yukinari stay behind while the rest try to get cover. However, what can they do? Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt but Bisashu jumps to a branch nearby. Bisashu seeing them, has Celebi fire another beam. Celebi starts charging and fires but, Suicune rushes in to save the day, it picks up Ash and Yukinari and rusn off to safety. Bisashu seeing it .also wants Suicune, he releases his Tyranitar and it starts it's rampage. Brock, seeing this, he releases his Onix to help. Onix distracts the Tyranitar while Suicune escapes. Onix gets pummeled however, so Suicune uses its Ice beam and the Tyranitar goes down in one hit. Onix, still having some strength, sends Tyranitar flying to the lake. Brock returns it and the Suicune goes after the branch monster. However, vines grapple onto Suicune, shocking it with dark energy.

Ash and Yukinari jump off Suicune in attempt to find and rescue Celebi. They miss however but Jesse catches them. They find a opening they could use and they start to climb the vines. They shout to Celebi telling it to stop. Celebi gets a flashback of when Ash and co. are flying with it and stops momentarily. Bisashu wonders what's going on, because Suicune isn't getting shocked anymore. Celebi starts up again, both yelling another "stop it" and Celebi remebers when Ash and co. are at the berry tree. Bisashu orders it to shock Suicune and again Celebi starts. They get to the top and try to get Celebi to stop again, Celebi remembering when they were watching the Butterfree. Finally coming to its senses, Celebi stops and the monster starts to crumble into the lake. When the whole monster is destroyed, Celebi, Ash and Yukinari are floating. They float down to the lake's edge.

However, something isn't right about Celebi, it seems wilted. (picture Celebi with wrinkles, not a pretty sight) Yukinari tells Ash to try the method they did before. But the water is too impure. Yukinari tells Ash that Suicune can purify water, so Ash tells Suicune to purify the water. Suicune hops along the water, purifying it with every step. Ash tries again, but it won't work. Ash then tries to give Celebi one of the berries he picked, but it just drops into the water. He tries again, and again, and again, finally he gives up. Celebi isn't responding, isn't moving, could it be... dead? Everyone lost all hope...

The forest starts to wave and glow blue and a bright light shines above the lake. A multitude of Celebi comes out of the light, using their powers to help the "dead" Celebi. The original Celebi is revived, happy to see its friends and then the others go back to where-ever they came from. Celebi goes back to the group but... Bisashu appears from the water and catches Celebi! Bisashu activates a jet pack and flies off, giving that evil laugh of victory. Ash jumps onto his leg with Pikachu, agian trying to save Celebi. Bisashu tries to kick Ash off, but Ash dodges and he tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. Pikachu does and blows up the jet pack, sending everyone falling. Ash tries to catch Pikachu... but he knows he'll fall to his death. However Celebi stops him with its psychic power and saves Ash. Bisashu falls into the forest, trees breaking his fall. Coming upon Maki, Mika, and Miku, all three having angry faces and Maki cracking his knuckles like he wants to fight. Mika scolds at Bisashu for his stupidity. However, the three aren't alone, dozens of angry Pokemon gather around him. Bisashu tries to use Scizor and Sneasel, but he left them where they were! Caterpies, Weedles, and Spinaraks uses their String Shot to trap Bisashu. When Celebi came back, it opened up the time portal, so Yukinari could go back. Everyone says their goodbyes, Ash not willing to part with a good friend yet.

Later Jesse is floating in the lake, James and Meowth coming to her in a small raft. While they argue, the Bangiarasu jumps out of the water and breaks the raft. The three just decide to float there.

Yukinari wakes up in front of the shrine, Celebi no where to be seen. Mika runs up to him and asks if he was okay and so forth.

By: Xeno Lugia

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Information TITLE: Pikachu's PikaBoo

JAPANESE NAME: Pikachu's Hide-and-Seek

RELEASE DATES: July 7, 2001 (JP)

Other Info
  • The English version of this short movie was only released with the DVD/VHS release of Pokemon 4Ever.
Characters Below you will find a list of names of the Pokemon who will appear in the short movie.

  • Pikachu (Of course)
  • Togepi (As usual)
  • Azurill (Pre-evolution of Marill)
  • Kecleon (New Pokemon)
  • Larvitar (A cool little Pokemon)
  • Granbull (The tallest Pokemon of the group)
  • Sunflora (A huge smile at all times)
  • Totodile (One of Ash's Pokemon)
  • Cyndaquil (Another one of Ash's Pokemon)
  • Bulbasaur (Another one...)
  • Oddish (Weird lookin')
  • Some more...


The scene is at a beach. Pikachu and Togepi are seen running with the waves as it comes up and down from the shore. Totodile is enjoying a nice swim and so is Psyduck, but a wave gets him to the shore unintentionally. Cyndaquil, Bulbasuar and Bayleef are relaxing on some rocks. Totodile decides to have some fun and squirts Cyndaquil with some water. Togepi notices some Qwilfish and decides to copy them. Pikachu however tries to stop Togepi but Togepi has gone too far. But a Hoeruko comes up with Togepi and creates a water spout, with Togepi on it. Togepi gets launced out and a Yanma catches it, which it sets on the beach and goes towards a house. Pikachu and co. follow it to the house seen in the distance, just on curiousity.

The house has a large, nice garden in it. A Larvitar, Granbull, and Kecleon are walking around. They fix any minor problems. Larvitar paying attention to fixing pair of rocks, but Togepi accendentlly crashes into them, annoying Larvitar. Larvitar tries to give Pikachu and Togepi the cold shoulder but his friends already made friends with Pikachu, in which Totodile, Cyndaquil, Bulbasuar and Psyduck made it there too. Since they made friends, Granbull calls out towards the garden. A Sandshrew, Sunflora, Luriri, Oddish, and a Donphan goes towards them. Larvitar, surprised with Pikachu and co. he decides to go hide. Pikachu wonders but Granbull suggests a hide and seek game.

Pikachu finds a stick and tosses it in the air, whoever it points to is "it". The stick spins when it lands, everyone blowing on it to prevent him/herself from being it. The stick comes upon... Pikachu. Everyone is off, except Togepi, which imitates Pikachu, but Bulbasaur comes in and picks it up with its vines and runs.

Sunflora tries to hide in some flowers, but Totodile laughs because it's the wrong color for a good camouflogue. It tires another color, but still no cigar. Oddish burrows itself underground, only its leaves showing. Kecleon goes in front of a pot and cloaks, leaving it's red stripe showing. Cyndaquil and Granbull hide in the house. Afterwards, Luriri is in the water and Bulbasuar buried himself too.

After the countings done, Pikachu sets off. He spots the flowers, knowing that Sunflora is more likely to hide in them. He searches around, finding Sunflora, but is not sure, so Pikachu turns around but Sunflora smiles, Pikachu catching him fast. Then Pikachu spots a brick wall, but a part is disoreintated. It almost looks like it's moving. Pikachu closes in on it and spots the Sandshrew. Next, Pikachu goes to the fountain, but there's a spout that's out of pattern. So he sticks his head in the water and finds Totodile in there using water gun. Pikachu goes over to Totodile and closes its mouth and Totodile jumps out. Next it's the garden shed, but Larvitar is there, behind a pile of tires, or is it? Larvitar knows one of them is Donphan disguising himself and pushes him towards Pikachu. Donphan rolls down the hill and crashes in some bushes.

Meanwhile, Meowth and Wobbuffet is mowing the lawn, when the lawn mower eats up a bad object and stops, Meowth obviously just goes about to something else, ignoring the mower.

Pikachu is exploring the house and comes across a couch having a pillow with Togepi's shell design. However there's a "lump" that's sitting there. Pikachu attempts to tickle the lump, Togepi bursting in laughter. Both come across a fireplace with a fire buring, or is it? Pikachu instantly notices it's Cyndaquil.

Larvitar is wondering around, and sees the lawn mower, he kicks a rock to it and it starts up going after Larvitar. Scared, the Larvitar makes a break for it, the mower chasing him. The mower zooms towards Pikachu with Togepi, Cyndaquil, and Granbull, and they run away as well with Larvitar. They run aross some stepping blocks and bump into Meowth and Wobbuffet, both wondering what's going on. They see the mower and use the chiminey sweepers they have to fight it. The mower busts out with some circular saws and cuts up their sweepers. They run into the hedge maze and begin a near endless chase. Larvitar runs into them again, having a plan. They go to a corner, everyone but Larvitar goes continues to run. Larvitar gives the mower a nice kick and sends it flying to the other side. The Pokemon come out of the maze... Yet the mower busts through the walls with a pair of hedge trimmers. Again the chase is on, but Pikachu and co. run for the beach. They head for a dock, but when they got to the end, the held on to some small poles. The mower cuts the poles but goes straight to the ocean. Relieved, Pikachu and Larvitar tosses their poles and walks back. It ain't over yet. The mower comes back and rips through the pier again with Pikachu and them on the run. Larvitar however has another plan and sends Togepi and Pikachu alone for the chase. Larvitar gathers everyone else and they head for a log pile. They start to build a barricade that has a space in the middle so the mower can go through. Once they used up all the logs, Larvitar calls up on Pikachu. Pikachu runs for the space and jumps out of the wooden barricade, which works. However, it's too short for their goal, so everyone starts to use the last logs and place them up front. This continues until Psyduck trips, the mower is free to go. The mower is on a lock-on with Pikachu, who is just straight ahead. Bayleef comes in action and uses its vines to push the mower out of the way and back on the track. They make the track until it reaches a shack, the mower going there. Once in Pikachu and Larvitar closes the door and there was a loud crash and some twists but the mower comes out, busted up and will no longer go. Everyone is happy and then they repair anything that was done.

Kecleon goes back to it's normal colors, wondering where's everyone. Whoa, that's a good hiding spot

After everything is done, they have another game of hide and seek, this time Larvitar becomes "it". Togepi copies Larvitar, but Pikachu runs to get it.

By: Xeno Lugia

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