Card Sets

Every Pokemon card (other than promotional cards) is part of a set. A set is a whole bunch of Pokemon trading cards that contain Pokemon, Trainers, and sometimes Energy cards. In this section, you can get information on every single set and the cards they contain. To begin, please choose a set below.

Set # Set Name
1 Base Set
  Base Set 2
2 Jungle Set
3 Fossil Set
4 Team Rocket Set
5 Gym Heroes Set
6 Gym Challenge Set
7 Neo Genesis Set
8 Neo Discovery Set
9 Neo Revelation Set
10 Neo Destiny Set
  Legendary Collection
11 Pokemon-e Expedition
12 Pokemon-e Aquapolis
13 Pokemon-e Skyridge
14 Pokemon-e EX Ruby & Sapphire
15 Pokemon-e EX Sandstorm
16 Pokemon-e EX Dragon
17 Pokemon EX Team Magma vs. Team Aqua
18 Pokemon EX Hidden Legends
19 Pokemon EX FireRed & LeafGreen
20 Pokemon EX Team Rocket Returns
21 Pokemon EX Deoxys

Other Sets
Southern Island
VS: Leaders' Pokemon
Pokemon Web