Fan Fics - Pikachu's Fatal Request

Serebii = Celebi

It must have been a miracle; the sun was shining for once in England. The ground was warm and there wasn't any wind. In a quite forest clearing, Pikachu and his trainer Becky were having a picnic. As Becky threw me a football, I kicked it between two trees. I celebrated as Becky declared 1 nil. I smiled and ran towards Becky, jumping into her arms and kissing her. She kissed me back and tickled my belly, causing me to laugh helplessly. She smiled at me as I waved my little yellow paws into the air.

For the next few hours we ate sandwiches, played football and sun bathed. I knew I was in heaven with my trainer, even though I didn't win the league in viridian city I still loved my trainer. I knew Becky felt the same way about me and that is why our relationship was so perfect. Nothing could separate Becky and me, we were a team.

We watched Pokemon, as they went about their normal lives. We caught a sight of a Gloom and Becky instantly wanted him. She looked at me and I knew what she wanted me to do. With a grin I jumped from her lap and got my cheeks ready for action. The gloom spoke to me, saying, "Gloom, gloom, gloom." In Pokemon speech, this means, "Don't you dare catch me, or a curse will be laid." I wasn't afraid of curses, besides my best friend Umbreon knew all about curses she had given me a piece of advice, I just couldn't remember it. I growled at the gloom and tackled it, forcing gloom to the ground. The Gloom warned me once more about his curse then used solar beam. I jumped up above the beam and sent an electric shock sailing towards gloom. The electric made contact and knocked Gloom to the ground.

A green light shot threw the air and stopped in front of Gloom. A green, alien looking creature looked at me and introduced herself. "My name is Serebii, didn't my friend warn you of a curse," she asked me. I just looked at her, unable to speak. She raised her hand towards my frightened trainer and released some green vapour. I held my nose, not wanting to breath the gas in but Becky had already breathed it. "Your trainer will die, and there's no way to stop it," laughed Serebii. I growled as she picked up Gloom and started to fade into the background. I leapt at her but was stopped in mid air. She threw me onto the ground and kept fading. I jumped again; she was surprised that I didn't know when to give up. "You really love your trainer, there is a way to save her," Serebii answered softly. "In south America grows a herb, parett. The parett leaves can cure many diseases and is known as a miracle healer."

I took in this information but continued to attack her. She opened her hand and released a ball of light, which flew towards me faster then a bullet. It shot through my ears, nearly making contact. I realised that there's no point in fighting her, she's too strong. I ran to my trainer and rubbed her hand with my head. It felt cold and lifeless. I knew she didn't have much time, I phoned Umbreon's house but only her mum answered. "Yes dear, oh I'm sorry my daughter left to go live in the jungles of South America. If you find her could you tell her to come home for tea, thank you so much?" I couldn't believe it; Umbreon had left the safety of Britain, maybe to escape from Ash and her trouble with the mental hospital. Maybe she had left after her adventure with Kingler and me after we saved the dome.

I knew though that if I ran into danger Umbreon would be there to assist me. I thought to myself, I need to go to South America now, but how. Then I remembered when we had all gone to America, I could go back to Heathrow airport. At Heathrow I spotted the woman, Umbreon had taken over, she recognised me and let me board my plane. With a smile I knew I was going to Brazil.

At Brazil I left the airport, and took a road to the jungle. 2 days later Deep in the jungle I searched, for the spot which serebii had told me in a dream. The knowledge of sharing this forest with snakes, crocodiles and tigers brought a cold feeling to my spine. I felt a cold wind pass through me, making me tremble. Not much sunlight could reach me, through the dark branches, which acted like umbrellas. For the last two nights I had been drinking water from leaves and my only sauce of food was from bugs. I now wished I had packed some food for the journey. I sat still as I watched a snake, slither towards some frogs. I held my breath, hoping the snake wouldn't hear me but they remember what my trainer told me. "Snakes sense with their tongues." I also remembered her telling me they love to eat mice! I saw the snake turn its scaled head and looked at me. I growled and sent a powerful thunder towards the snake, barbecuing it.

At least now I have a tasty tea, cooked snake. With a licking of my lips I approached the snake. After eating the snake, I felt full of energy and ready to defeat any obstacle to get that parett herb. As I walked deeper into the jungle, I heard voices of men. I looked through my hiding spot to see a team of men, looking for something. I Smiled and ran to them. The leader pointed a huge double barrel gun at me. I stopped, don't shoot I protested. The man asked what I was doing so I replied. "I'm looking for the parett herb." With hearing this, the man sent out a Rhydon and stated, "I'm Michael, and I will find the parett herb, then sell it to doctors for load of cash." I growled at him but he just laughed. No pathetic Pikachu will stop me, he replied. The Rhydon rushed towards me so I tackled it. My tackle did nothing but hurt me, this Rhydon was like no Pokemon I've ever battled before. His strength was of the scale, he must have reached new levels, my attacks did nothing but amuse his trainer. "By any chance do you know where the parett herb is?" he asked me. I replied, "Yes, but I'd never tell you." The man shouted to Rhydon to weaken me, but not to kill.

The Rhydon rushed at me, but suddenly from the bushes leapt a black creature. At first I thought it was a panther, but then I recognised the graceful creature as my friend, Umbreon. She smiled at me and hugged me to the man's amazement. I smiled at Umbreon, "Glad to see you Umbreon, but watch out for that Rhydon." She seemed to look very relaxed; probably all the heat and relaxing scenery of the jungle had relaxed her. She looked at the Rhydon and growled. I knew just by looking at her that she wasn't as strong as before. It then came to me that she had come to the jungle to get away from all her troubles. She just wanted some peace, I looked at Umbreon. She didn't know what she was up against. Umbreon leapt at the Rhydon but just smashed into his rock hard stomach. Umbreon tried to kick Rhydon but only resulted in hurting her toes. Pikachu watched Umbreon's attacks not effect Rhydon at all, he sighed to himself. How could he get the herb if he couldn't defeat Rhydon and it seems Umbreon couldn't either.

Now losing her cool, she repeatedly attacked Rhydon with beams of light. They actually hit and injured the Rhydon, but not enough. The Rhydon smashed his body into Umbreon's body, she cried in pain. Umbreon didn't want me to not leave without the herb, so continued fighting. She told me to run, but the Rhydon just jumped on me, nearly flattening me. The Rhydon punched Umbreon, sending her flying. I watched as Umbreon disappeared into the horizon. The man sent out a Hypno, who chased the Umbreon. I had no idea what he wanted to do with Umbreon, but at the moment all I wanted was to be at home with Becky. The man walked to me and hit me on the head, the next moment I was in a building, strapped to a table.

The man walked towards me with a Magmar, tell me where the herb is, he ordered. I relied "**** you, I'll never tell." With an evil grin he asked Magmar to shake my hand. The burning hand met my hand and I screamed with pain. My hand felt burnt, and my blood felt molten. I tried to get out of my bonds but I couldn't. I just kept screaming in pain, as he laughed. Didn't this bastard have any feelings? The man just laughed at my pain, I couldn't feel the pain anymore as Magmar let go of my hand. Magmar returned to his Pokeball, "Are you going to tell me," the man yelled. I shook my head so he sent out a Seadra. The Seadra shot a water gun towards my mouth and the man held my nose. I felt like I was drowning! The man laughed as I gulped down some water and started to panic. I cried as I tried to get lose. He ordered the water to stop, just for a moment so I could get my breath back but then the water returned. After what seemed forever, the water torture finished, he asked if I would tell. I foolishly said no, I knew I should have just told him, and then I could be free to find the herb. The man sent out a Scyther who slowly dug his claw into my skin and scraped the sharp edge along my skin. As he dragged the claw, he ripped the top of my skin. The pain was too much, I felt like I was going to pass out. The man recalled Scyther then sent out Rhydon. The Rhydon made his horn shine and sent a huge blast towards me. The blast ripped through the night and homed in on its target, I tried to dodge the beam but it was to late. The beam scorched my arm and cheek, the heat was too much and all I wanted to do was die, not wanting to bear this torture. "Tell me now, you Rat!" I looked at the man with a burnt face, "Get lost and die in hell". He kicked my side, which was sore so added to the pain. "You will tell me what I want to know, in time". He was right, how could I stand more of this torture?

After another handshake from Magmar I gave up, I'll tell you I yelled in between tears and screams of pain. The man nodded at Magmar who released my paw, I looked at the man. "At 174/270 there's a shrine, near there is a field where parett grows." I could have hit myself, how could I have been so stupid to surrender. I watched the man turn away, and asked if he was going to untie me. He relied "I think that trainer of yours will see you again, in heaven." With a laugh Magmar touched a wall, instantly setting it alight. I looked in horror as the wall collapsed setting fire to the rug and ground. I fought widely against my bonds, the room was getting hot and it was hard to breath because of all the smoke. I thought to myself it looks like I'm doomed!

The cloud of smoke was getting thicker as the fire grew. I thought this is it when suddenly a wave of water shot through the door. I looked up to see a giant crab, it was Kingler. I wanted to ask what Kingler was doing he but he was busy cutting my bonds. When I was free, I walked behind him as he shot water at the fire but the water didn't do much. The fire was very intense and it was hard to navigate because of the smoke. As we went down some stairs they collapsed, opening a hole that flames just quickly shot up from. Kingler kept close to me and I could see he was as afraid as I was. I spotted the exit and started running to freedom. Kingler followed but a falling beam smashed on Kingler's back, knocking him down. I ran back and lifted the beam, then dragged him out of the house just as a fire engine arrived.

The firemen and women sprayed water from their hoses towards the flame trying to fight it back. I asked Kingler what he's doing here and with coughs replied, "When I discovered Umbreon had left England, I swam the ocean to find her. I got here just in time, I sensed Umbreon was nearby then I sensed you, in danger." I smiled but noticed Kingler was very injured. I shouted to a doctor if he could take Kingler to hospital. I also asked if he was a vegetarian just for extra safety. As I left Kingler I thanked him then went in search of the parett herb.

After a little searching I came across the shrine, I used it as a landmark to find the field of parett. As I walked near the site I was wondering what had happened to Umbreon. I watched the men dig and carry loads of parett to lorries, ready to sell of to the highest bidder. I growled but kept watching, unseen by anyone. Then I caught sight of a black object walking towards me. Knowing it was Umbreon I just whispered hi then kept watching the men. Umbreon then did something I wasn't ready for. She swiped he paw at me knocking me into some oil drums. The sound notified the men who quickly ran to me. I used thunder to electrocute all the men, instantly injuring them. I saw Michael and smiled. I sparked my cheeks and he shouted "Umbreon, stand in front of me." I watched as Umbreon stood in front of Michael and shouted to her to get out of the way. She just stood there, not listening to me only to Michael. I stopped the sparks in my cheeks and asked, "What have you done to Umbreon?" Michael laughed and stated, "Hypno has taken over her mind, she now belongs to me and will only obey me." I growled and shouted, "I will not let you take over my best friend." Michael looked at Umbreon and answered, "Lets see how much of a friend you are to her, when she kills you."

Umbreon leapt at me but I quickly dodged. Michael watched as Umbreon attempted to kill me. She sent a ball of light at me but I easily dodged it. I noticed she wasn't fighting as well as she normally does and figured that she must have a special way to focus all her power. It seemed that Umbreon while under Michael's spell couldn't use her full power. I tried to break the spell, reminding her of Kingler, how she was a famous fox but nothing worked. She swiped at me quickly, forcing me to the ground; I rolled just avoiding her body slam. She jumped at me and tried to kick me in the head. I only just ducked in time but she kicked again, making contact with my head. Umbreon kicked my head until it nearly felt like it was going to come of my neck. I knew I needed to fight back to survive, but Umbreon was my best mate and it wasn't her fault that she was attacking me; it was Michael's fault. She punched me in the stomach again and again until my heart couldn't keep in the anger. I strike her with a thunder, instantly knocking her to the ground. I ran to Umbreon and picked her up, how could I have hurt her. I was angry with Michael and myself. As she got up she tried to bite my neck. I backed away and then made a promise to her, "What I do now is nothing personal."

As she jumped towards me I bashed my head into her stomach. She growled and continued to attack me. Now I was fighting back I had no problem beating her, with a few punches she was laying on the floor, unable to continue to battle. I stroked her back and told her I was sorry for fighting her then looked at Michael. I choose Rhydon he yelled, out of his ball came my biggest enemy. I looked back at Umbreon who now called for me to help her. The spell had been broken; I ran to her and looked at her injured body. I reviled a potion from my hand. "I was going to use this if I got injured, but I think you need it more then me." I sprayed the potion on Umbreon who still needed to rest to recover.

I growled at Rhydon then got in a fighting position. I took a moment to focus all my power, so I'd be the strongest I could be since this may be my biggest battle ever. I jumped at Rhydon, kicking his chest and to all our surprises it was effective. The Rhydon fell back, but he got up and started charging towards me. He was like a steam train, nothing could stop him, I tried to dodge him but I was hit. I was knocked onto the ground; I got up only to be knocked down again. I used my tail to bounce above his head and landed on his back. With a loud pika I used a huge Thunder attack, which drained most of my energy to use. The shock threw Rhydon back until he fell on his back, squashing me. He got up and looked down to see me looking up, he knew he was winning. Rhydon picked me up and holding me in front of him kept punching me in the stomach. I bit his hand, making him let go but I found I couldn't get up.

I didn't give up, I tried to use an electric shock, but my weak attempts did nothing. With a body slam he drained all my energy. He was going to do one more fatal body slam when a huge blast sent him back. Umbreon ran towards me and watched my eyes slowly close. I tried to ask, "Get the herb, give to Becky don't let this bastard ki-" I couldn't finish my sentence, in Umbreon's arms I closed my eyes and laid motionless. Umbreon nudged me but nothing happened, with a tear she stated I was dead!

Umbreon's eyes filled with tears as she held the dead body of Pikachu. Her friend was dead; he died trying to save a human's life. She looked at Rhydon with an angry, pissed of face. "No more I will fight you until one of us shares Pikachu's fate." Rhydon laughed but was knocked back by another beam of light, sent by Umbreon. She focused her power, which even surprised her, never before had she felt this much power. She ran towards Rhydon and punched him like a drill, he couldn't even attack back. With a scream she sent a hyper beam, which exploded on contact with Rhydon. Michael ran towards Rhydon who still was far from defeat. Umbreon spotted Michael and was about to kill him when police cars appeared.

The police told Michael to surrender, but while Rhydon was still healthy he wasn't scared. The Rhydon ran towards Umbreon who jumped and landed on his head. With a swipe of her paw she cut a large rip in Rydon's armour. Rhydon leaned back trying to squash Umbreon but she was too quick. She jumped and body slammed Rhydon into the ground. The Rhydon then realised he wasn't going to defeat her so Michael returned him. Michael put his hands above his head and sat in the police car. Umbreon didn't want him to escape; she got ready a powerful beam of light to kill Michael. A policeman quickly reminded her that if she kills Michael, then she would go back to the hospital. Umbreon didn't seem to care; all she wanted to do was kill Michael. Then she remembered I asked her to give Becky the parett herb.

Umbreon stopped her attack and walked towards the parett crops. She picked some herbs then picked up my body and ran into the deep forest. She blasted the ground, to make a hole that she would put me in. Tears rolled down her face as she held the dead corpse of Pikachu. She bent down to put me in the hole but stopped. She looked again into my lifeless face, her tears rolled of her face onto mine. Umbreon thought back to when we went to America, then to our meeting in Viridian City and finally our spy mission. I had been a great friend to her during these adventures, though I was cocky and always joked around I had a true heart. She wiped the tears off my face with her paw, and then brought me closer to her face. She leaned forward and opened her mouth and kissed me. This was a different kiss of what she normally did, her normal kisses are to suck power but this kiss was because she missed me. She finished her kiss, then leaned forward to lay me in the hole.

To her amassment my eyes started to blink. I slowly opened my eye and looked up at her. It felt great to awaken from a sleep that I thought I'd never awaken to look into my best friends eyes. Her face showed all her emotions, her tears and eyes proved she felt the same way as I do to her. Umbreon was speechless for words; her kiss had brought me back to life. "She remembered to Yerta but then figured that she could only bring people she loved back." I smiled and asked where's Michael. Umbreon didn't want to answer this question; she was glad that I was back. She showed me the herb and handed it to me. I thanked her, and then kissed her as a way of saying thank you for bringing me back to life. The tears on her face changed from upset to joy. We walked slowly to the airport where I was ready to take a plane back to England.

At the airport I waved goodbye to Umbreon and Kingler as they watched me. I held the herb in my hand and a great friend in my heart. Back in Britain I travelled back to Becky and made the herb into a soup, which she drank. The soup quickly did its work as Becky quickly got her energy back. With a happy sound of Pika I leapt into Becky's arms and kissed her. She kissed back and hugged me tightly. Thanks to me and unknown to her Umbreon and Kingler, we had saved my trainer. As I'm hugged by my loving trainer, I keep wondering what Umbreon and Kingler are doing alone in the jungle. I laugh then kiss my trainer again.

This story was inspired by a movie I watched on BB1 a few years ago. I can't remember the name but it's about a friend who goes in search of an herb, for his sick friend. By Andrew John Bate, thanks to Umbreon88, TR^Kingler and Surfing_Chikorita for giving me inspiration, and thanks to Umbreon88 for giving me permission to write the ending to the story.

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