Pikachu and Friends On A Spy Mission

The people in this story will be known only as their nicknames. If you've read Pikachu and Friends Goes to America, then you will know umbreon88, TR^Kingler and myself very_cute_pikachu.

It was another cold and windy day in England. This kind of weather was normal and everyone was use to it. My story starts in Blackpool, next to the sea. It's a famous place for the pleasure beach amusement park and of cause the Blackpool tower. A young fox was walking home from a hard day at work. She had just spent 6 hours of standing up and being bored so she was quite unhappy. She walked along the bubble gum stained pavement towards her house, trying to keep warm from the blistering cold wind. The sky was full of Clouds, which could open any moment and soak the poor fox. The fox, who was better known as Umbreon sighed to herself and asked, "Why can't anything exciting ever happen in my life?" As she walked slowly she kept asking herself the same question. She stopped for a min to cuddle herself, to keep warm but this failed to help. Her black fur was standing up, but still she shook like jelly.

Umbreon walked nearer to her house but got an idea. Umbreon, after having a horrible boring day she knew she needed cheering up. Umbreon reached into her black bag which matched her fur so looked nearly invisible. Umbreon smiled as she brought out of her purse, a ten pound note. She changed her route and centred her vision on the gates of Blackpool pleasure beach. She walked through the gate and changed her money for tickets. Umbreon walked around the pleasure beach, looking for a ride that would excite her. It was a tough decision, so she carried on browsing. Umbreon looked at the Playstaion ride but got nervous. She watched as the gas pressured cart rose from the platform going over 100KMPH. Umbreon walked away from the A ride and set her heart on going on a B ride or maybe even a gentle C ride. She walked along the Tom Sawyer Bridge and at the bank, saw a young male tying his laces. A wicked grin went through Umbreon, if she kicked him in the correct spot, he'd fall into the water. Umbreon looked how far he was from the water and knew one kick in the bottom would make a great water splash. She thought to herself, this is wrong though. Though Umbreon is an evil type, Umbreon had a heart of gold (most of the time at least). Umbreon kept thinking should I or should I not. The young kid; maybe 17 looked innocent, why does he deserve to go for a plunge. Her thinking was kept short as she heard a yell of pain followed by a big splash.

Umbreon turned around and saw the boy in the water and looked around to discover who pushed him. Umbreon saw an oversize crab, laughing its head of. Umbreon looked at the crab and recognised it was Kingler, her Kingler. She ran to the laughing crab and kissed him. Kingler looked at her and discovered it was his Umbreon. He put claw around Umbreon, nearly squeezing her. He was overcome to have found his Umbreon. "I've been looking for you all day." Kingler informed Umbreon. Umbreon smiled and kissed Kingler again, making him go a dark red. As they walked together the boy climbed out the water, wondering who had pinched him. "Lets go a ride," Kingler asked Umbreon, "The big one." Umbreon quickly turned her head and looked straight at Kingler. Her fur was standing up again, but not because of the cold. She spoke in a nervous voice, "The big one, can't we go on a smaller ride." Kingler laughed, which was very amusing to watch an oversize crab laughing. "Are you a chicken?" Umbreon looked even harder at Kingler and stated, "Of course not, I'm a fox."

Umbreon's knees were shaking as she approached the entrance to the big one. Kingler noticed this and stroked Umbreon's back. "If you're to afraid, then we won't go on it." Umbreon gulped and stretched as Kingler's massage was relaxing her, "No, I'll go on, I'm not afraid." Kingler got close to the paying booth and asked, "Two please." The woman in the booth looked at Kingler with a licking of her lips, which started to scare Kingler. He repeated his order, but the woman just looked at Kingler with a hungry face, which frightened Kingler into running away. Umbreon thought she would have a try. Using her trick she used at Heathrow airport, she stood up on her back legs to look like a human. The woman looked at Umbreon and stated, "Only humans are aloud on this ride." Umbreon leaned forward to put her paw on the woman's head but stopped as someone patted her back.

She turned around thinking it would be Kingler but she was looking into the eyes of a stranger. He looked into her eyes and she asked "Umbra." The man replied, "Enough with the stupid passwords, deliver this note to the destination written on the back. The man you will give the note to will then travel to London. We can soon say goodbye to the dome! Make sure your not followed; the note will give instructions to the receiver, when the firework display will start hehehe. If police come near to us then we will explode the building, even if there are innocent people in there, got it." All this time Umbreon just kept nodding her head. The man disappeared into the crowd and Umbreon was left with the letter.

Kingler returned to Umbreon and asked her, "Lets go to your house where we can have a romantic evening." Kingler winked at Umbreon but she seemed to have other things on her mind. "I can cook us something nice," continued Kingler, but Umbreon looked at him and said, "Read this note." Kingler looked at the note, reading out aloud, "The city is protected by a moat and wall, the moat is a Dee river." Kingler looked at Umbreon, "What does that mean?" Umbreon read the note and asked herself what British city has a moat, a wall and a Dee? River. Suddenly it came to her mind, Dee is a river, and it flows through Chester, which has a city wall. Umbreon smiling looked at Kingler and explained what the man had told her.

"We must not inform the police, we'll have to stop them ourselves," shouted Umbreon who seemed to be getting very excited about their new adventure. Umbreon asked Kingler, "Who, living in Chester do we know." Kingler started thinking and slapped his head, he knew who Umbreon was thinking of. With a sigh he answered, "PIKACHU."

While walking to Blackpool railway station, Kingler informed Umbreon what route they would take. "We'll take a train to Liverpool, so keep hold of your purse when we get there. Then we'll take Mersey rail down Wirral way to Chester." 5 HOURS LATER, stuck between Blackpool and Liverpool. "I knew we shouldn't have taken the train!" shouted Umbreon in a loud, angry voice that scared Kingler.

4 AM At last were here, shouted Umbreon in a cheering voice. "Yeah, and I was only invited to two different meals on that train," laughed Kingler, who was tired from running away from hungry passengers. "Now we've just got to find Pikachu, do you know where he lives," Umbreon asked Kingler. Kingler shook his head and looked confused at Umbreon. So now they were in the centre of an unknown city looking for a 40cm tall mouse, how hard could that be. For two hours they searched around asking people if they know a Pikachu called Andrew Bate. Most responses were no, but a few knew he lived in Blacon. So after looking around they found Blacon, it was 6:30am now and they were getting tired. "We'll never find him," Kingler announced.

Suddenly a bike whizzed by them, on it was a yellow mouse with a red bag, looking half asleep. They looked at each other and chased the mouse, but he was cycling to fast. Kingler raised his claw and used a water gun to knock Pikachu of the bike. The water hit Pikachu who skidded then was flipped of his bike, falling hard onto the pavement. Umbreon growled at Kingler. "We wanted to stop him, not kill him." Kingler looked innocently at Umbreon and stated, "I stopped him didn't I?" Umbreon sighed and ran to the Pikachu, he was unconscious and was bleeding from the nose.

After picking Pikachu up, Kingler found a diary in his pocket, saying his address, and more! Kingler started reading the diary, laughing his head of. Umbreon snatched the diary of him and checked the address, then started reading his private details. At Pikachu's house they laid me on my sofa and Umbreon put a cold flannel on my head. I started opening my eye and Umbreon smiled. "How are you, Andy?" Umbreon asked me. I replied, "Oh great, I have a headache, my face is covered with bandages making me look like a mummy, and I've just been knocked of my bike, but no I'm fine." Umbreon looked at me with a sad face and stated, "I was only asking."

I got up and asked why are you here. Umbreon explained their story while Kingler had fun reading my Beano's, ripping the pages with his claws. "Hmmm, the moat is the River Dee, it meets the wall near the town centre". I got up, only to feel a long pain in my back, forcing me to lie down again. Kingler helped himself to food in the fridge, as Umbreon got ready to go and meet the unknown stranger. 30 mins must have passed as Kingler; stuffing down digestive biscuits had already cleared my whole fridge. "Why do women take so long to get ready" Kingler asked with a mouth full of biscuits. "Don't know" I replied, wondering why he sounded funny. Umbreon walked down the stairs, she hadn't changed her appearance much, I was tempted to ask her Kingler's question but I decided not to. We walked towards the door and left, just as my mum walked down stairs. She walked into the kitchen and screamed, the sides had jam all over them and the fridge was empty.

We waited for a bus, we had missed one thanks to Umbreon but I decided not to remind her of this. The bus finally arrived and we decided to sit upstairs, so we wouldn't attract too much attention. We got comfort as we went over annoying bumps, tight turns and through red traffic lights. A man walked up the stairs and lit a cigarette, Kingler growled and using water gun, put out the cigarette. The man shouted a word, I wouldn't like to repeat but it sounded like cooking fab. The man walked up to Kingler who reviled his claws. The man whimpered and sat down again, with out smoking. The bus grinded to a halt, outside McDonalds, which made Umbreon sigh a bit, so Kingler hugged her, cheering her up.

We walked towards the river and spotted a dark clothed man, feeding the ducks. Kingler ran to him and shouted, "Where is it, give it to me now!" The man seemed frightened and threw a loaf of bread at Kingler. "Here you can have it all, just leave me alone." We decided he wasn't the suspect. As we waited for the suspect to show up, we fed the ducks and Kingler went for a swim. A woman approached me and asked, "Are you alone?" I was about to answer when Kingler shouted, "Andy, stop talking to old women, we're waiting for that suspect to arrive so we can catch him/her." I could have killed Kingler, but Umbreon beat me to the thought.

The woman drew a gun and pointed it at my little yellow head. She put tightly held the gun, never before had I'd been involved with a gun, so it was very scary. The woman laughed but then shot up howling in pain. Behind her was Kingler who stated, "I always come through in a pinch." The woman fell back to the ground and Umbreon jumped on her and growled. Umbreon demanded the note that was suppose to be going to London. The woman refused until I got my dirty little paws on her gun. I looked at the woman and asked if she was afraid. She replied, "I would be if you were holding it the right way around." I blushed and pointed the long tube part at the woman. She slowly reached into her coat and reviled a note.

Suddenly I felt a quick wind pass through the space between my ears. A bullet puntched the woman's heart who died instantly. Umbreon grabbed the note and we started running through the frightened crowd. More bullets shot from the city wall, and Umbreon screamed at me, "Use your Gun!" I pulled the trigger again and again until I heard a click and realised I was out of bullets. I opened my eyes and asked Umbreon, "Like that." She smiled and said, "Yes, BUT NEXT TIME AIM, YOU WEREN'T EVEN CLOSE." I looked upset and threw the gun to the ground. I cracked my fingers and shouted, "Lets do this the Pokemon way."

Kingler using his water gun, Umbreon's light beams and my shocking electric we returned fire on to the hit men. We ran towards the car park and Umbreon asked, "Where's Pierce Brosnam when you need him." I joked, "The names Bate, Andrew Bate." I didn't get any responses though as we were too scared to laugh. We saw a human, getting into his BMW car, and Kingler got a sensible idea for once. Kingler grabbed the human and threw him out of the car; Umbreon got in and declared she would drive. I ducked under the seat and declared I would use the three pedals. Kingler jumped over Umbreon and sat on the passenger seat.

Where's the key, screamed Umbreon. I looked up at Umbreon then had an idea. Using my electric I started the car, and stepped on the acceleration pedal. The car zoomed forwards and Umbreon had problems steering. We drove through the centre of Chester, being chased by two cars. Music suddenly began playing and Umbreon looked to her left to see Kingler playing with the radio. Umbreon was getting ready to scream when Kingler looked at her and ordered, "Keep your eyes on the road." Umbreon looked back to the road and heard Kingler say, "Woman driver." Umbreon calmly knocked Kingler on the head, giving him a warning to act sensible. We could see the M56 and decided to get on. Umbreon skidded and we travelled down the slip road, joining on to the motorway. Umbreon shouted, "Hold on!" as she turned 180* and we travelled the wrong way. Umbreon clearly was trying to shake them of. A petrol tank coming towards us started beeping and put the brakes were applied. Again Umbreon did a 180* turn just metres from the tank. The two cars chasing us couldn't turn in time; they smashed into the tank, which exploded into a huge fireball. We travelled quickly to escape the ball of fire only just dodging it.

The journey to London was easy from then. Once joining the M6 we travelled south to our country capital. Kingler rested his eyes and fell asleep and we all decided that we needed a pit stop. At Birmingham, before going on the M1 we stopped the car for a rest. It was around noon, Umbreon and Kingler were tired. As soon as the car stopped, and I went to get some food, Umbreon had fell asleep cuddling Kingler. I could see a smile on her dark face; I got out and locked the door. I went to a local restaurant, looking for a place that sells a full English breakfast, since I hadn't eaten. After two hours of eating, then washing up I returned to the car. I poked Umbreon who woke up slowly. She got back to the driver seat; putting on her seat belt I started the car again. We decided to let Kingler sleep, so we travelled to London in peace.

At London, Kingler looked at the note, after a hard getting up. We had to try everything to wake him up; we finally set alight the car, just to wake him up. "At the dome, bring the message at 6pm when the building will be safe to demolish." Why did they want to destroy the building was still a mystery. We walked close to the building but were ambushed by 3 masked humans. A figure appeared and introduced herself as Sara. The name didn't mean anything to us, but we could tell she was Irish. "I bet you are wondering why I want to demolish this building," she asked. We nodded and she continued, "The building is a land mark, my hobby is destroying land marks." We looked at her; I replied, "I guess we have to get our jollies from somewhere."

The woman sighed and got the plunger ready, Umbreon jumped on the woman, not caring if she was shot. Umbreon put her nails on Sara's neck and threatened to kill her, if she didn't give up. I ran away from the humans, which amazed Kingler. Kingler thought to himself, the traitor. Kingler jumped on a masked human, and using his claws held the other two masked humans in the air.

I re-appeared and walked to Sara. "I wouldn't pull the plunger if I were you." She laughed and punched Umbreon, knocking her back. Umbreon growled but Sara pointed a gun at her. "Come closer and the fox gets a new belly button," I growled but Kingler put his claws above his head. Kingler shouted at me give yourself up. Giving one final growl I put my paws above my head. The masked men tied Kingler's claws together and hit him on the head. Kingler, sick of people hitting him on the head, swore at the masked man. Sara warned us, "Go away and we won't kill you." I quickly agreed and winking at Umbreon we walked away followed by a very confused Kingler. Sara looked at the dome and said, "Goodbye" she pulled the plunger, and watched the electric wave enter the building. To her surprise and horror the wave exited the building and was heading for her. The wave climbed up Sara's coat and BANG.

From where we were standing we could only see a wall of fire and smoke. We waited for the smoke to clear to discover the building was still in one piece. As we cheered a local newspaper blew into my face. I read out aloud, "The dome will be demolished soon and be re-built on." All of us sighed, all that for nothing. As we hitch hiked (since we set the car alight to wake Kingler) Umbreon thought to herself, why did I ever want something exciting to happen? At Chester Kingler and Umbreon waved goodbye to me and took the return train to Liverpool. At Liverpool they decided to take a bus home. Umbreon reached for her purse, "Its gone." Umbreon looked around to see Kingler laughing. "Just testing you." Kingler half laughed and said. Umbreon kissed Kingler, while unknown to him loaned some money from his wallet.

Back in Blackpool, Umbreon looked at her watch, 10 pm. They slowly walked home where Kingler asked, "Lets have that romantic evening." Umbreon smiled but stated she was too tired. Kingler watched her crawl up the stairs, heard her door shut and the sound of her getting in bed. He sighed and then thought to himself, "Hmm wonder if there's any football on."

I'd like to thank TR^Kingler and Umbreon88 for this story. As TR^Kingler does act silly sometimes (but he's really funny) and Umbreon88 for giving me a background of what Blackpool's like.

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