Fan Fics - Pikachu and Friends Saving the Neopets

Chapters 1 - 3

((Quick note, to readers from Pokemon Dome, this is my last story and so is my longest one. Readers of Neopets, this carries on from 11 other stories of mine.))

Roaming the quiet hills of the Welsh countryside is a yellow rodent of which the story is told by. "My name is Pikachu, Andrew or Andy to my friends and pain to my enemies." Pikachu was climbing the hills for exercise and some peace and quiet, or more to give Ali, Kingler etc some peace and quiet. The gentle breeze and clean air relaxed his body and got rid of any stress. Pikachu had camping gear on his back and a map in his hands and was prepared for anything, he thought.

Chapter 1 - The Breed Of Acara

The sky was dark with threat of rain. Pikachu had been walking for hours and now it was past 11pm, "It would be wise to find a place to set up camp," he thought to himself. Pikachu opened his bag and revealed a pop up tent, "To use, blow up tent," he read from the label. Pikachu shrugged his shoulders, pulled out some TNT, attached it to the tent and proved once again that the possibilities of him having a brain was slim. Pressing hard on the trigger, a charge ran down the fuse wire, towards the TNT and BOOM. Pikachu looked confused as the smoke cleared and he watched the tent disappear in a ball of flames. "To blow up tent, use air cylinder supplied." With a sigh Pikachu grabbed anything not swallowed by the fire and looked for somewhere to sleep. The sky was turning a nasty grey colour and looked like they could burst any moment. Pikachu desperately looked for shelter, but he was starving from lack of food. He had foolishly not packed any food because he thought passing travellers would donate some food. "I can't move another step, I'm out of energy. God, if you can hear me, give me some energy." A huge lightning bolt ripped through the clouds and struck Pikachu. Pikachu got up and stated, "Thank you, but I was talking about food, maybe a cheese burger?" Rain poured onto Pikachu's miserable face and made him feel like a wet Marill. The rain made puddles on the marshy and made it difficult to walk through. Every step pikachu took was slowing him down as his feet sank into the thick mud. The rain was getting worse and pikachu knew that if he didn't find shelter quickly, he may become a sewer rat. Suddenly another lightning bolt lit the ground for a moment and Pikachu caught sight of a cave.

"Is anyone home?" shouted Pikachu. An echo struck the sides of the cave and made the ground tremble. Pikachu sat down and taking out some matches rubbed them against the stonewall. They didn't alight so Pikachu tried again until he realised, he had got safety matches. He was shaking so much that he didn't hear the footsteps of a nearby creature. The creature crept closer to Pikachu, quietly but knocked a few loose rocks that alerted Pikachu. ((Taken from Pikachu's point)) I watched in terror as something was stalking me. It was hidden behind a cover of blackness; all I could hear was its quiet breathing. I reached into my bag and grabbed a torch. My torch lit the cave and I opened an eye to see what the creature was.

I opened both of my eyes in surprise. The creature looked like a dog, or maybe a cat. It was different shades of red with two huge ears. Its feet were a light pink and looked soft, which is probably why I couldn't hear it creeping up on me. It looked at me with surprised blue eyes. Its ears were pointing up but it looked friendly. Except for the pointing ears the creature looked relaxed. I admired the weird creature, for it was one I had never seen before. It had a pink fluffy chest and a cute black nose. More noticeable were two long things on its head; I presume was hair or horns. The creature opened its mouth and spoke in a frightened voice. "Who are you, what do you want?" The voice proved it was female and also that she was just a baby. She spoke English, so I thought she must be a rare Pokemon since only rare Pokemon can speak English. I put out my hand, as a friendly gesture to show I didn't want to harm her. "My name is Andrew," I informed her. She licked my hand and replied, "I don't have a name, I was abandoned at birth." A tear came to her eye and I could see she was upset. I hugged her and told her, "I'm sorry to hear that." She continued with her story, "My mum and dad were being attacked by a group of grey coloured monkeys. They kept shouting parts of the word, Primeape." Pikachu looked in shock, "Primeape are bullies, why did they attack your parents?" She answered, "We were different, I couldn't fully understand what the creature was saying but it sounded like, you freaks, get lost." Pikachu asked, "All Pokémon get along, we are normally at peace with each other." The creature began to walk away from me and I could tell I had said something that displeased her.

I ran towards her and looked in her eyes calmly, trying to act as friendly as possible. She looked at me and asked, "You're a Pokémon, am I correct?" I nodded at her and she shook in fear. "My parents, they were bullied because we are not Pokemon. We are a breed known as Acara, please sir, do not send me away like the rest." This request touched my heart, I realised she was different, but why should that make her treated differently? "Don't worry, I won't hurt you, I can't believe that anyone could hurt something as cute as you." She smiled weakly and asked "You don't mind?" Her smile warmed my heart, as I knew I had made a new friend. "Of cause not, this relates to humans, they sometimes treat each other differently because of their colour of skin, gender or even because of their religion or place of birth. It doesn't matter if someone's skin is yellow, white, black, brown etc, they are all equal, the same as Pokemon and what ever classification you belong to."

She laughed and answered, "I belong to the classification of Neopet. So Neopets, Pokemon, Digimon can live together in peace?" I was tempted to say something rude about Digimon, since they are the only race I do hate, but I decided not to. I watched her lay her head on my stomach and close her eyes. She had finally found someone who accepted her for what she was. I promised her "I'll take you home tomorrow and introduce you to my friends. I'll make sure they accept you, but first, we need a name for you. You're cute, but not common, I know we'll call you Vantrase. Vantrase the Acara, that title fits you well." I looked at her face and gazed at her friendly smile. She appeared to be in harmony now that she had found shelter. I whispered in her ear "You're safe now." Her ear twitched in response but a careful observation of her face told me she had already fallen asleep so I decided to do the same. I clicked the torch and the cave was lost in darkness, but I wasn't scared anymore. All evil had left the cave and now there was a pleasant atmosphere. As I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep I discovered I wasn't cold anymore, her soft warm fur acted as a blanket.

Chapter 2 - Vantrase, The Lonely Acara

Morning dawned as birds began to sing in tune to nature and light burst into the cave. The cave that the night before had been the domain for loneliness was now full of gay lights. The light made shadows on the wall and bounced into my sleepy eyes. I awoke to see Vantrase, still cuddled softly in my arms. The natural light revealed more character and I at last could admire her true beauty. Her breathing was short and silent with the rare shake of a limb. Her ears would twitch sometimes and a few times she had stretched her nails into my skin. The nail torture didn't really bother me, I dared not move, as she might have got offended. I didn't know how long she was going to sleep until so silently I stood up and gently leaned her head on my camping bag. Tip-toeing I left the peace and quiet of the cave but suddenly looked at her, she looked in peace, why did she want me as her trainer? I decided to leave her in the cave and go home on my own, she'd be happier in the wild. What could I offer her; I was considered to be her enemy. Those promises I had made the night before, were they spoken from my heart or my mouth? Was I just talking junk again or did every word have a meaning of which I couldn't understand? As I bathed in a small lake I watched a flock of Pidgey's flying above me. I jumped out of the lake and under a tree making sure I didn't get hit by any of their bombs. I finished my wash and walked towards the cave quietly to get my belongings. My plan was to leave without waking her up. I understood that when she woke up, she'd be very upset and would probably cry. I'm sure she was use to heartbreak and maybe she would understand that this was for the best. Normally I was undaunted and docile but I had to be strong. It was going to be hard to leave her, one look at her face and I would burst into tears of emotions. I turned towards the path that marked the route down the hill and decided not to get my belongings; I couldn't bear to face Vantrase. A scream shook the hilltops as a frantic cry of help came from the cave I had been sleeping in. The voice sounded Like Vantrase, she was in trouble!

I rushed in the direction of the cave and hurtled through the entrance. A pack of Growlithe were sniffing and snapping at Vantrase and I could tell they were hungry. They looked peaceful animals but I could tell the nature of their call wasn't social. I growled and stated, "Anything you may want to get of your chest, you may attempt to take out on me!" The leader of the Growlithe looked at me and grinned evilly. "Go away little mouse, we have bigger fish to cook." With this statement he spat an enormous blast of fire towards me. The burning ball of yellow and orange colours glittered as it stormed towards me. Normal mice would have feared this hazard but I was not normal, as Ali has told me loads of times. The fool surely had no idea what he was up against, using a little thunder shock, I was able to refract the blast and hit the whole pack. "That's what you get when your friends to the strongest Pokémon in the world." The leader rushed towards me and tried to bite me. His white teeth looked as tough as diamonds but again I had no fear, I dodged and slashed his back, causing him to yelp in pain. He turned and charged towards me like a tank, with a smile I used thunder. The thunder struck his body and filled the cave with a blinding flash. I carefully directed my blast as so not to hurt Vantrase. The white flash faded and with a blow of wind, the leader was defeated. As he fell to the ground, he shouted "retreat," to his pack.

The pack ran out of the cave and left a shaking Vantrase. I looked at her and sighed, I had to look after her. If I left her in the wild she'd be killed. Her fur was still standing up and she was shaking like a loose leave. She was ready to give up and looked like she could have a heart attack at any moment. I was disgusted that the growlithe's could pick on some thing so helpless. It was tragic that I was staring at a creature without a single friend in the whole world. A smile crept on my face as I released that she would have to be my pet. Vantrase opened her eyes and licked my face. I stated, "down girl, hehe I've already had a wash." She laughed and followed me as we walked down the hill. I watched her every movement, she was skipping peacefully from ledge to ledge. At each ledge she would laugh and giggle and look at me to see how far behind I was. She acted like a playful kitten, and was a bit hyper active but she was really cute. She didn't look like a threat to anyone. I still wondered exactly what happened to her parents, I could tell they were dead but was it a Pokémon that killed them? If we were to be enemies how come I had never seen or heard of a Neopet before? Maybe she didn't have as many enemies as she thought; her enemies might have just been on this hill. She must have lived here for her whole life, which didn't look like it had even started yet. At a first glance I predicted she was 2 years old, her face had no wrinkles and her voice was quite young. When we reached the bottom of the hill she ran ahead of me not even knowing where we were going. I had to run after her and to be honest, I wasn't use to running. She stopped out side a bus stop and watched me crawl on my legs to where she was sitting. All her fear and upset had vanished from her face and now I was looking at a playful child. Her sweet smile and the dancing spark in her eye made me undaunted to be her owner. I breathed a few deep breaths before I spoke, during this time Vantrase washed herself with her paw. I looked at her and asked, "What's the rush, we have plenty of time." Vantrase nodded but a quick look in her eye told me she still was over excited. I got a grin on my face and asked her to run around a large field 5 times. Vantrase was confused at my request but did what I said. The field I estimated to be 250 X 300, meaning one lap would be 1.1KM. I laughed to myself as I quickly worked out that she would run 5.5KM. Vantrase returned to me after 12mins with a stuck out dry tongue and breathing heavily. My plan had worked; she was too tired to get in trouble now. I found my bike, which I had left near the local cycling path. Vantrase got comforty on the seat which is bigger then me, so we both could fit on it. Being 40cm tall did have its advantages.

Chapter 3 - Parett The Fearless Acara

Meanwhile, on the border of Wales and England lived another lonely Acara. This one was male and seemed to be more brave and independent then Vantrase. He lived in fear though and was regularly bullied like Vantrase. He shared the same characteristics as Vantrase except a more male look and a small scar on his neck, which he had adopted from a fight. Parett was his name, a young handsome, gallant warrior who was able to take care of himself. That's where this chapter begins, in a marshy area with Parett running away from danger. His paws were sore and sticky from the mud and harsh ground. Every step he took made the dried mud stick into his paws and cut the skin. The day was hot and sweat was rolling down his skin like he'd just been in a shower. His face was red, hot and dizzy with every step making a new challenge. He stopped for a moment and tried to wipe the mud of his paws. The mud had turned hard and stuck to his fur making it stiff. Parett tried to pull the mud of his skin but it was stuck to his hair, making it painful to pull. Out of anger he hurtled his paw at the ground and watched in amassment as the mud shattered. He lay down and listened carefully for sounds of danger. He had just been in a quick fight that he had realised he couldn't win. The only thing he could do was run, and try to escape from his enemies. He knew it wasn't honourable but he seemed to be desperate to stay alive. The outcome of the fight had left Parett injured. The attacker had bit deep into Parett's chest and made a huge mark. He put his paw on his wound and snarled in pain as the gentlest touch on his bare flesh caused agony. Taking his paw away from the wound he noticed it was covered in blood. Looking down at his wound he saw blood dripping from his chest and falling to the ground like rain. The grass absorbed the blood and turned red, the colour of Parett's anger. Again he broke into emotion and smashed his paw into the ground, shattering some more mud. He noticed that he would have to be calm if he were going to survive. Parett sighed and again snarled in pain. When he thought nothing else could happen he heard the sound of nearby danger. With a silent muttering of "shit, what else could go wrong?" he tried to get up. To Parett's surprise, he couldn't get up; his muscles were getting weak. Parett knew he was in a clearing and quickly needed to find cover. The only hiding spot was a lake; he would have to hide in there. Parett crawled towards the lake and fell in. Holding his breath he waited for the danger to pass. The lake wasn't big and Parett's biggest fear was the danger might see the colour of the water changing red. The danger got closer and closer; he could sense his enemy's presence. His enemies turned out to be the same pack of Growlithes that had attacked Vantrase earlier. They ran past the lake without even looking in it and shouted, "We will find you Parett, your day is over." Parett watched them slow down and began to worry. He couldn't hold his breath much longer and the stinging pain of water meeting his flesh made him want to scream. Parett started to pray, praying that they would leave him alone. To his relief the pack left the area and it was safe to come out of the water. Parett jumped out of the water and screamed and swore loudly. He quickly put his paw over his mouth as his heart began to beat faster. If those Growlithes heard him then it would be the end. Parett would be killed and the race of Acara would cease to exist. He didn't know about Vantrase, he thought he was the last Acara on Earth.

Since the death of his parents, Parett had wondered the lonely landscape without a friend. He would often pray for a miracle and several times make impossible wishes that he seeked someone to grant. His wishes were to do with survival and never were wasted; when he had made a wish it would normally come true. Though no spiritual powers looked and cared after Parett he often believed that someone was watching him. His request of survival was usually food or shelter of which he could have found without praying but it was like a lucky charm to him. Maybe all his wishes had been used and wasted though, because now his only wish was to find another Acara. The road of survival had been tough for Parett, everyday he feared for his life. Everyday he'd survive only to live another day of hell at which was always a new challenge. Parett's mind often got the best of him and he would see mirages and pray for miracles. He was sadly a bit mental in the respects of seeing objects that didn't exist and dreaming dreams that could never happen. It was sad to see this poor creature, at a point of mental depression. He had a few times tried to commit suicide, but the only thing that pulled him back from the cliff was his knowledge that he was the earth's only hope.

Silently he waited for the return of the pack. Surely they would have heard him shouting and swearing? To Parett's surprise and luck, they didn't hear him. They had already disappeared into the horizon and not even looked back. Parett looked around at the unknown landscape. He couldn't tell where he was, he was lost. Parett jumped when a red car zoomed past him. His nerves were very sensitive and the slightest actions set his nerves on fire. Bravely Parett followed the road, hoping to find a landmark he would recognise. Parett walked slowly and spotted the cycle path. Sniffing the ground he noticed a familiar scent. The scent was his own, or so he believed. Parett remembered that he had never been here before so it couldn't be his scent. A closer Sniff revealed that the scent was of another Acara. He couldn't tell the sex but he presumed that the Acara was male. Forgetting the risks and dangers of his situtration, he smiled and began following the path, hoping to find this unknown Acara. For so long he had been on his own not knowing much of his race. He was surprised that another Acara existed, long ago male and female Acara were hunted and killed by a pack of Primapes. A year ago the Primeape group found Parett and his family. His mother, father and two sisters were all victims to the powerful group. They had been on the run from the group for a few weeks. They were hungry and crippled from lost battles. Parett's sisters was pregnant, because of him. His mother had told Parett, ((taken from Parett's memory))

"Parett, you and your father are the only male Acara left. Before you were born, we had formed a big pack of Acara there were over 100 of us. We lived in peace and harmony; we never fought with each other. For years we travelled together, looking after each other and caring for the ill. If one of us became injured, we would try our best to help the injured Acara, hunting, feeding and bathing it. We would never abandon each other; we are a loyal and peaceful race. So for generations we lived together until an evil Umbreon attacked us; one by one each Acara was brutally killed. The Umbreon was escorted with a group of Primeapes; they would jump on the Acara's backs and slice their necks. The Umbreon's killing torture put fear in us all. We tried to fight but we were not strong enough. We ran from the battle and left the rest of the Acaras to die. We found a safe area where we prayed for forgiveness and later had you and your sisters. We thought the worse was over, but the horror had only begun. The evil Umbreon learnt of this and sent his group of Primeapes to kill us."

When Parett was a year old, his mother told him that he needed to carry on the race. In a desperate means of survival he had mated with his sisters but that didn't help. The two females were nearly ready to give birth on a fatal day. The group of Primeapes had discovered their hide away and had come to murder them. When the Primeapes appeared, Parett and his family tried to run, but his sisters were to far in labour. Parett's father and mother tried to fight but quickly were over powered. Before his father died he screamed to Parett, "run, don't worry about us, we will see you when we wake." With this Parett's father closed his eyes for the last time. Parett remembered the scene in his head, as his father's mouth overfilled with blood. How parts of his fur had been ripped and bone was visible. It had been a gruesome sight that Parett would never forget. His family suffered on this day a great loss. No one except Parett survived, his family all died to the group of Primeapes. Parett hadn't run though, he had hid close by and watched. The Umbreon that had been the big threat to him walked towards the group. Parett had listened carefully and heard the Umbreon state "Has the Acara race been disposed of?" The leader of the Primeapes stood up and replied, "Except one male Acara called Parett, but he won't be a threat." The Umbreon had grinned evilly and answered, "Your right, he will not be a threat, and it seems you lot have finished my task." With a tightening of his fist, a huge bolt of light blasted into the heart of every Primeape. They all fell like leaves in wind except one who had shouted, "You traitor, I can not assure you that Parett is the last Acara." ((Present day))

Parett had been on the run from this evil Umbreon for a long time. The Umbreon hadn't found him so had hired a new threat, a pack of Growlithes of which he was running from. Parett forgot about the pain of his wound and began to run faster, hoping to find this Acara. He knew that the Umbreon was getting more impatience and would soon find him. Parett was aware that he had a huge responsibility, to stay alive. The only question that was present in everyone's mind right now was why was Umbreon so desperate to destroy the race of Acara? Vantrase had believed that Pokemon hated Neopets, but it seemed now that only a small pack and an evil Umbreon wanted them dead. Parett didn't know the answer to Umbreon's strange mission, but he knew it was for evil. All Parett knew was they didn't belong to this planet; they had came from a planet called Neopia. Parett's wound had stopped bleeding and the mud had finally broken away from his fur. Now Parett's shiny fur could be seen as it dazzled in the sun. All Acaras were handsome or beautiful but Parett exceeded normal Acaras. Parett's nose twitched as the scent of the stranger Acara was getting stronger, meaning the Acara wasn't too far ahead.

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